ER308 Stainless Steel Welding Wire
  • ER308 Stainless Steel Welding Wire
ER308 Stainless Steel Welding Wire

AWS ER308 Welding Wire

G BS308
Shieding Gas:Ar+1 ~ 2%O2

AWS ER308 is a filler metal that is often used in submerged arc welding (SAW). It is classified as a "stainless steel" filler metal, and the "308" in the name indicates that it is similar in composition to Type 308 stainless steel.

Product Description

AWS ER308 is used to weld stainless steel and can be used in all welding positions. It is commonly used in the food processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical industries due to its corrosion resistance. It is also used in the petrochemical and power generation industries.

In general, the selection of a filler metal for SAW should be based on the base metal properties, the welding position, the service environment, and any code or specification requirements.


( 1 )  The molten metal of XMS-308 is 20%Cr-9%Ni austenite structure.

( 2 )  It’s used to weld 18%Cr-8%Ni stainless steel, such as AISI 304、301、302、308,etc.

( 3 )  Stable arc,weld pass forming is beautiful,the molten metal contains appropriate ferrite, crack resistance is well.

One chemical composition of the weld metal sample  (wt%)

 (Shieding Gas:Ar+2%O2)


One mechanical properties of the weld metal sample

 (Shieding Gas:Ar+2%O2)

Tensild Strength
Yield Strength

The specifications of the product and welding condition (DC+)

 Dia (mm)
 Welding Condition
Short Circuiting TransferCurrent A40 ~ 12060 ~ 14080 ~ 160100 ~ 210
Voltage V15 ~ 2015 ~ 2116 ~ 2217 ~ 22
Spray TransferCurrent A160 ~ 210170 ~ 260180 ~ 280200 ~ 300210 ~ 320220 ~ 330
Voltage V24 ~ 2824 ~ 3024 ~ 3024 ~ 3024 ~ 3224 ~ 32