SS Filler Wire

SS filler wire is a type of welding wire made of stainless steel. It is used to add material, or "fill," to a weld joint during the welding process. The wire is fed through a welding gun and melted by the heat of the arc, and the resulting molten material is used to build up the weld joint.

There are many different types of SS filler wire available, each designed for specific grades and types of stainless steel. It is important to use the correct filler wire for the specific stainless steel being welded to ensure that the weld has the proper strength, corrosion resistance, and other desired properties.

SS filler wire is commonly used in MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding processes. It can be used to make welds in a variety of applications, including construction, automotive, and manufacturing.

SS Filler Wire

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