How to deposit welding wire?

Dec. 07, 2016

Welding wire can be used as a filler metal or conductive material. Knowing how to deposit welding wire is significant. The specific methods are as follows:

welding wire

1. The storage area of welding wire should be dry and ventilated, avoid moisture.

2. The welding wire should be put on wooden pallets, not to be directly on the floor or close to the wall.

3. Opening the welding wire packing should be finished as soon as possible to use it all (within a week), once the welding wire is directly exposed to the air, the rust will greatly shorten the time (especially in the wet environment).

4. According to the principle of "first in first out" wire, as far as possible to reduce the time of product inventory.

5. Please according to the wire category, specification, classification storage, to prevent misuse.

Welding wire plays a very important role in industrial production. As a China Welding Wire Manufacturer,  if you want to know more about welding wire, you can contact us any time.