How to prevent the pores generated by welding?

Nov. 30, 2016

A welding wire manufacturer not only provide low alloy steel wire, but also supply some knowledges about welding wire. How to prevent the pores generated by welding? Do you know?

You should use welding parameters reasonable. Welding process does not violate the circumstances, the size of the welding current I think that depends on the person, according to personal use habits and adjust, do not use other people with the norms you use the same norms.

The use of qualified welding materials and shielding gas.

Completely remove water, rust, oil and other contaminants from the wire and the surface of the metal being welded.

The use of carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding, argon-rich gas welding, welding torch and welding parts to adjust the distance and angle so that the pool is fully protected to ensure the integrity of gas heaters.

Gas shielded welding gun shroud must be long enough, too short after the protection of gas in the flow process can not form a good protective cover, but also pay attention to the flow of ambient air, the best around the wind speed should not exceed 1.5m / s.

low alloy steel wire

Welding wire, which is manufactured by our company, has quality assurance, coupled with a certain work experience of the welder, can more effectively prevent the stomata.