EM12K Welding Wire
  • EM12K Welding Wire
EM12K Welding Wire

AWS F7A2/F7A4 EM12K Welding Wire

Welding of low carbon steel, 490MPa grade high strength steel

Product Description

Submerged Arc Welding Wire EM12K

Submerged arc welding wire AWS EM12K, is a medium manganese, medium silicon type wire. It is used with medium manganese and medium silicon type welding flux. It is insensitive to rust stains on the base metal. It has excellent bead forming and slag removal properties. The wire can be AC/DC single-fed or double-fed.

EM12K submerged arc welding wire has a higher carbon, manganese and silicon content than EL12. the increased carbon content gives this wire greater tensile strength, while the increased manganese and silicon content improves deoxidation properties. EM12K will produce weld deposits with minimal porosity, even on rust and oxide skins that may be present on the base material. This wire is primarily used for single-pass butt and fillet welds on low-carbon and low-alloy steel plates up to 1/2 inch thick. More specific applications include ASTM A537, A283, A, B or C grades. Because EM12K provides high strength/low porosity welds on many steel alloys, it is the most cost effective submerged arc wire in stock.


Submerged arc wire AWS EM12K can be used for both high-speed welding of steel plates with a tensile strength of 420 N/mm2 and for filler welding.

Single and multi-pass welding with recommended fluxes, unalloyed and fine-grain steels, general fabrication, structural components, heavy equipment components, railcar frames, wheel fabrication, storage tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, ship plates, pipe double joints, wind towers


( 1 ) Low temperature impact performance is  intelligent,welding slag stripping is good.

( 2 ) The welding wire has  high melting rate, high efficiency, less flux consumption,unipolar, bipolar, AC DC power supply are common.

( 3 ) Belong to neutral flux,suitable for single and multi layer docking of pressure vessel, shipbuilding, steel structure bridge, etc.

One chemical composition of the weld metal sample (wt%):


One mechanical properties of the weld metal sample:

Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Impact Energy Value

AWS F7A2/F7A4 EM12K Submerged Arc Welding Wire - Manufacturer

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