AWS ER80s - Ni1 Welding Wire
  • AWS ER80s - Ni1 Welding Wire
AWS ER80s - Ni1 Welding Wire

AWS ER80S-Ni1 Welding Wire

G BER55-Ni1
Shieding Gas:80%Ar + 20%CO2

80S-Ni -1 is used for welding fine-grain and low-alloy nickel steels to produce high impact values even at low temperatures such as -50° F.

Product Description

AWS ER80S-Ni1 is a filler metal that is often used in submerged arc welding (SAW). It is classified as an "80" series filler metal. The tensile strength is 580 MPa. The "S" in the name stands for "steel," and the "Ni1" indicates that it contains a small amount of nickel (less than 1%).

AWS ER80S-Ni1 is used to weld low-alloy steel and can be used in all welding positions. It is commonly used in the construction of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and other structures that are exposed to high levels of stress. It is also used in the petrochemical and power generation industries.

In general, the selection of a filler metal for SAW should be based on the base metal properties, the welding position, the service environment, and any code or specification requirements.

AWS ER80s-Ni1 Welding Wire - Characteristics

( 1 ) The product contains 1%Ni content, it has good plasticity and toughness

( 2 ) It’s used to weld steel of corresponding strength level, such as ships, bridges, pressure vessels, boilers, etc.

AWS ER80s-Ni1 Welding Wire - Precautions

( 1 ) Adequately clear the oil,rust,moisture,dust and other debris of the welded parts.

( 2 ) When heat input is too big, it can reduce impact value , so welder should pay attention to the choice of welding current.

One chemical composition of the weld metal sample  (wt%)


One mechanical properties of the weld metal sample

Tensild Strength
Yield Strength
Impact value

The specifications of the product and welding condition (DC+):

Dia (mm)
Welding Condition
Short Circuiting TransferCurrent A80 ~ 160100 ~ 210--
Voltage V16 ~ 2217 ~ 22--
Spray TransferCurrent A180 ~ 280200 ~ 300210 ~ 320220 ~ 330
Voltage V24 ~ 3024 ~ 3024 ~ 3224 ~ 32

AWS ER80S-Ni1 Non-Copper Coated Welding Wire - Manufacturer

Hebei XINYU Welding Co., Ltd, mainly produces high-strength steel welding wire, Non-copper-coated solid wire,  submerged arc & stainless steel welding wire. Our products are widely applied to the welding of low-alloy high tensile large & key steel structures in coal machinery, construction machinery, petrochemical machinery, pressure vessels or tanks, oil & gas pipelines, military industry, shipbuilding, bridge, and high-rise buildings, etc. At the same time, we are the only enterprise in the domestic which produces welding wire as well as welding wire equipment.

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