AWS ER70S-G Non Copper Coated Welding Wire
  • AWS ER70S-G Non Copper Coated Welding Wire
AWS ER70S-G Non Copper Coated Welding Wire

AWS ER70S-G Welding Wire

Shielding Gas80%Ar+20%CO2

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Product Description

AWS ER70S-G is a low carbon steel wire that contains higher levels of manganese and silicon than other standard grades of MIG wire, producing high quality welds when used on dirty, oily or rusty steels. AWS ER70S-G is a specification for a type of steel filler wire used in welding. The "ER" stands for "electrode or rod," the "70" indicates the minimum tensile strength of the weld metal in thousands of pounds per square inch (psi), and the "S" indicates that it is a solid wire. The "G" at the end of the specification indicates that the filler wire is used for the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process.

AWS ER70S-G, which greatly enhances welding current and improves welding efficiency. Due to the grain refinement of the molten metal, the tensile and yield strengths reach 50kg, which is close to the upper limit of the welding material approved by the Marine Association.

This filler wire is typically used to weld low-alloy steels, such as those that contain molybdenum or chromium. It is often used in the construction of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and other structures that require high strength and good toughness.

AWS ER70S-G - Feature & Use

( 1 ) Operating condition is wide, from low to high current. It is a kind of solid wire.

( 2 ) Containing special alloy, its arc is stable even in high current.

( 3 ) Adapt to 490 MPa steel , like ships, steel structures, and machinery etc.

AWS ER70S-G - One chemical composition of deposited metal (wt%)



AWS ER70S-G - One mechanical properties of the weld metal sample


Tensile Strength 


Yield Strength
Impact Value

AWS ER70S-G - Size & Current (DC+)

Diameter (mm)
PA50 ~  18050 ~  20050 ~  22080 ~  350100 ~  470200 ~  550
EGW50 ~  12050 ~  14050 ~  14050 ~  160100 ~  180
PE50 ~  10050 ~  12050 ~  12050 ~  140

AWS ER70S-G - Notice

1. Please use specialized welding gas, eg: purity of CO2≥99.5%,H2O≤0.005%,Ar≥99.99%. Gas flow: 20~25L/min.

2. Wind affects arc and welding pool, please take steps to block the wind.

3. There is smoke when welding, pay attention to ventilation.

4. Distance between Tip and base steel is about 15mm when current is below 250A; and 20~25mm when current is above 250A.

5. Welding materials should be stored in dry places.

6. Please check the welder ,wire feeder, gas regulator and heater before operation.

7. Please keep the percentage of mixed gas stable and keep gas pressure stay the same.

8. As to thin steel plate, downward welding in the inclined position or forward welding is recommended,(pictures are followed below).

9. Please move plastic spool and basket spool in a correct way.

AWS ER70S-G Non-Copper Coated Welding Wire - Manufacturer

Hebei XINYU Welding Co., Ltd, mainly produces high-strength steel welding wire, Non-copper-coated solid wire,  submerged arc & stainless steel welding wire. Our products are widely applied to the welding of low-alloy high tensile large & key steel structures in coal machinery, construction machinery, petrochemical machinery, pressure vessels or tanks, oil & gas pipelines, military industry, shipbuilding, bridge, and high-rise buildings, etc. At the same time, we are the only enterprise in the domestic which produces welding wire as well as welding wire equipment.

Our Welding wires and welding wire equipment are exported to the USA, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and India, etc. Welcome you to our factory any time. Please leave contact information, our professional staff will contact you the first time!