Characteristics of sub arc wire and flux

Sep. 23, 2017

Do you know characteristics of sub arc wire and flux

sub arc wire

1. Advantages

(1) high productivity (5 to 10 times more than arc welding) ① allow high current (up to 1000A or more) welding; ② flux and slag with heat insulation, high heat utilization, can not open or less open Groove; ③ labor, material, wire utilization; ④ flux with less, and cheap.

(2) high-quality and stable welding protection effect is good, welding specifications can be automatically adjusted.

(3) working conditions, no arc, no splash, light labor intensity.

2. Shortcomings

(1) sub arc wire is mainly applied to flat welding, welding position is not suitable for welding space.

(2) sub arc wire is difficult to use for the welding of Al, Ti and other highly oxidizing metals and alloys due to flux composition is mainly MnO, SiO2 and other metal and non-metallic oxides.

(3) only suitable for long straight weld and large diameter (φ> 500mm) girth weld.

(4) sub arc wire is not suitable for welding thickness less than 1mm of the plate due to its large current, current hours, the arc stability is not good.

(5) complex equipment, one-time investment is larger, and more stringent requirements for the preparation of welding.