When using sub arc wire and flux you should know(2)

Dec. 27, 2016

When using sub arc wire and flux you should know as followings:

sub arc wire and flux

5. Flux particle size

There are several kinds of flux particle size, according to the size of the current used to match. In the case of large current, the use of coarse-grained flux will cause the appearance of the bead to deteriorate. On the other hand, if fine-grained flux is used at low current, it is difficult to escape the gas.

6. Welding conditions

Wire diameter, current, voltage and welding speed in a wide range of changes, if selected improper welding conditions, will lead to burn through, penetration depth is too small, Yu high deficiencies, undercut, slag undesirable defects, Should be noted. In addition, the inclination of the welding torch will affect the shape of the weld bead, usually when the welding wire when the forward penetration of the larger penetration; wire back when the shallow melting depth, melting width increases.

7. Current

When using DC, welding conditions and weld metal melting performance and so on are different, should be confirmed.

Having known these cosiderations of sub arc wire and flux, you can using it in safety. If you have any questions about using wires or need wires, please contact us via hbxyhy@163.com. We are a professional stainless steel wire manufacturer in China.