When using sub arc wire and flux you should know(1)

Dec. 27, 2016

Sub arc wire and flux is used in many place during our life. When using sub arc wire and flux you should know as followings:

1. Groove precision

In order to prevent burn-through, incomplete penetration, insufficient height, undercut, slag defect and other defects, as well as the workpiece root clearance, groove angle changes, the groove and the combination of precision than other arc welding requirements high.

2. Groove surface conditions

Groove area rust, oil, water and other dirt, which is caused pits, stomatal. Before welding, it should be completely removed.

3. Flux preservation and drying

Flux should be stored in a dry place. Drying flux before use will get better results. The drying conditions are as follows: sintered type flux is 200 to 300 ° C for X1 hr and smelting type flux is 150 to 350 ° C for X1 hr.

4. Flux coverage and recovery

Flux coverage excessive may cause worsening of the bead shape, especially when the flux and iron powder sintered flux are more likely to be affected. In addition, if repeated use of recycled flux, iron, foreign matter, etc. will also be mixed, flux purity affected, which will cause the appearance of the bead, weld shape changes, it should be mixed with new flux, can continue to use.

Sub Arc Wire and Flux

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