What causes corrosion of welding wire?

Dec. 14, 2016

Metal corrosion is prevalent in the production and life, because the metal is vulnerable to atmospheric oxygen, water vapor and other effects into the oxidation state. Only a small number of metals such as gold, platinum, iridium is not easily oxidized and corrosion. Surely, welding wire is also under corrosion in many palces.

In accordance with the mechanism of corrosion, corrosion can generally be divided into two categories:

1. Chemical corrosion, metal and the surrounding medium caused by chemical damage. Such as metal corrosion in high temperature oxidation environment, metal corrosion in non-electrolyte solution.

2. Electrochemical corrosion, metal and the surrounding medium caused by electrochemical damage. This is the most common form of corrosion. Such as soil corrosion, corrosion of metals in the electrolyte solution atmospheric corrosion, and so on.

non copper coated wire

In order to prevent the corrosion of welding wire, we produce non copper coated wire and other wires.