What Kind of Welding Wire Should I Use?

May. 19, 2022

Non Copper Coated Welding Wire

Non Copper Coated Welding Wire


The type of welding wire you should use depends on 3 factors:


ㆍThe working material numbers of the 2 parent materials you want to weld together

ㆍThe welding process you choose: MIG / MAG, TIG, OP and welding with electrodes

ㆍThe type of welding wire (only applicable for MIG / MAG welding)

Follow these 3 steps and know which type of welding wire to use.


Step 1: Pick out ingredient numbers

The first step is to find out the working material numbers of the 2 parent materials you want to weld together. A suitable type of welding wire has a coding that corresponds to the coding of the drug numbers of the parent materials. We are happy to help you find a suitable welding wire for welding the two parent materials together.


Step 2: The influence of the welding process on the type of welding wire

The second step is to determine the type of welding process you will use. The welding process you want to use will affect the type of welding wire you should use. There are 4 different types of welding processes:


ㆍMIG / MAG welding : Two different welding processes that are very similar. MIG / MAG welding is one of the types of 'electric arc welding'. This technique involves welding with an electric plasma arc and can be recognized by the high deposition rate.

ㆍTIG welding : A manual technique that can be used to achieve a high welding quality. In TIG welding, the torch has a tungsten electrode to produce the welding arc. Then the welding wire is added by hand.

ㆍON welding (under powder welding) : In this process the welding arc is protected by a granular powder. This powder provides a large welding depth and good adhesion. OP welding is an automated process and is very productive.

ㆍArc welding with coated welding electrodes (MMA welding) : The welding technique that uses a consumable electrode. An electric arc is created between the 2 parent materials by striking the electrode against the material.

In our webshop you will find the suitable welding wires for every type of welding process.


Step 3: The type of welding wire in MIG / MAG welding

The last step only applies if you are going to use the MIG / MAG welding process. You can use filled or solid welding wire for this welding process. Filled welding wire is filled with gas and is the ideal solution if you do not want to use a separate gas bottle for welding. Solid welding wire is suitable for welding materials. Filled welding wire can be welded faster than solid welding wire and offers a higher welding quality.


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