Copper Coated Welding Wire VS Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Apr. 04, 2023

When automatic or semiautomatic welding, welding wire is the main consumable. With it you can get a quality weld. Welding wire is used in arc mechanized welding of carbon steels. Most often it is used in shipbuilding and engineering, as well as in the manufacture of building structures. Welding wire in bulk for industrial or construction purposes. It is indispensable for the manufacture of welded tubes and long pipelines.


Copper coated welding wire


Copper coated welding wire, mainly used for both automatic and semi-automatic arc welding. For welding low carbon and low alloy steels in environments formed by the protective gas copper coated welding wire is the most popular.

Most often it is used for welding of steel structures, ship hulls and steel walls of the vessels have pressure during operation. Used in various constructions, copper coated welding wire is an excellent raw material for building reliable welded structures.

Diameters of copper coated welding wire: 0.8 /1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6 mm.

Features: With copper plated wire for electric arc welding process is obtained by stable and low metal spatter. Copper coated welding wire provides a performance of welded joints of high quality. You also get the opportunity to work in subzero temperatures without the risk of compromising quality.

Packing: The coil is sealed in a plastic bag, box - cardboard.


Stainless Steel welding wire

Stainless Steel Welding Wire


The main advantage of the S.S welding wire is its resistance to corrosion. The diameter is 0.8 to 1.6 mm. Stainless steel welding wire from China may be used at elevated temperatures, high humidity, aggressive environment. Wire welding of stainless steel used in medicine and chemistry. It is also possible to use stainless steel welding wire in the food industry, metallurgy, oil companies, mechanical engineering, food, energy and chemical industries etc.

When the welding stainless steel wires, the process of welding is as follows:

ㆍFiled an inert argon gas, which displaces the fusion of the surrounding air.

ㆍThe titanium electrode electric arc lights, which heats the base metal and filler wire is stainless.

ㆍAfter cooling the fusion weld is created, connects the two different products into a single structure.

ㆍTherefore, the work is done to clear the weld grinding and finish grinding. If all works are executed correctly, it would appear that there is a single product with no seams. So look welded stainless steel enclosure. When you look at them, it seems that everything is made from a single pipe, which arched over the stairs following the contour of stairs and platforms.


Note: When welding stainless steel with stainless steel wire is important not to allow air movement (wind), so when the wind is blown from the argon welding zone and the deteriorating quality of the weld, can form the shell or just the solder will not fill space and remain holes.


How to choose welding wire?

Choose type of welding wire depends on the metal of which is welded to the surface, as well as operating conditions. we recommend to buy welding wire with a diameter 1.2-1.6 mm.

If you are planning to buy a welding wire, keep in mind that among the basic requirements for the purchase of welding wire - the chemical composition of welding wire must match the composition of the metal, of which the parts for welding. The melting of the welding wire should be uniform, which gives excellent results in the formation of the weld, the wire and she should not be oxidized. Welding wire should melt at a temperature which is almost equal to the melting temperature of the metal, are made of welded parts.


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