Advantages of Copper Free Welding Wires

Jan. 11, 2023

Xinyu copper free welding wire is a kind of environment-friendly and high performance gas shielding welding wire. There are many advantages to make this copper free welding wires your number one choice in welding wires consumables selection.


Advanced production process


Adopt acid free rust removal and lubrication process. Surface of the welding wire is uniform, smooth, with very small wire feeding resistance.


Environment-friendly and easy welding


Compared with the traditional copper welding wires, the copper free welding wires eliminates copper plating process on the surface of welding wires. So, it will reduce the production of industrial waste water and reduce environmental pollution. Meanwhile, copper fumes are no longer generated during welding and welders are protected from copper smoke.

Copper free welding wire

Reliable welding arc stability


When welding, copper free welding wires can withstand the sharp change in the length of welding wires and very short time of short circuiting transfer.


Small welding spatter and welding smoke


Due to non copper contained, even a large current when welding, there is a small welding spatter and smoke by copper free welding wire.


Stable wire feeding


Because where is no copper plating on the surface, copper shavings will not remain in the welding nozzle. Stable wire feeding can be maintained for a long time, even at a high welding speed. At the same time, a higher welding deposition efficiency can be obtained.

Copper free welding wire is a high-tech welding consumable which has been applied a wide array of industries. Pressure vessel, engineering machinery, steel structure, petrochemical engineering, shipbuilding etc. Zhiyou Marine is your welding consumable source supplier.


Little welding dust


When welding, copper-coated welding wire produced a little yellow smoke, and no copper-coated welding wire sends out blue and white smoke, that is, the smoke does not contain Cu element and reducing the harm to the welders. In the welding process of solid cored wire, soot is mainly produced by the oxidation of metal vapor, and Cu is the main harmful element produced during the welding of copper coated solid cored wire. The Cu content of non-copper wire is much lower than that of traditional copperless wire, so the non-copper wire is more beneficial to protect the health of welders. Statistics show that the amount of smoke without copper-coated wire is about 20% lower than that of copper-coated wire.

Copper free welding wire

Good arcing and feeding performance


Non-Copper welding wire has a good arcing performance. The average short-circuit transition time of the droplet is shorter than that of the copper-coated wire and can withstand the sharp change of the extended length of the wire during welding. Special surface treatment process makes no shedding of copper-coated layer, that can maintain stable wire feeding for a long time, even in the state of high-speed and can get higher welding and deposition efficiency.


Better strength and forming quality


Traditionally, it is considered that the copper layer is more rust-resistant because iron is more active than copper. However, the corrosion results of the salt spray test (temperature 30℃, air humidity 80%, stay in 0.01% NaCl solution for 2h) show that the corrosion of copper-coated wire is more serious than that of copper-plated wire.


It is concluded that the serious corrosion of copper-coated wire is due to the rapid corrosion of galvanic cells which is easily formed in the spot where the tiny copper layer cracks or the copper layer peels off. The surface of the non-copper wire does not contact other metals and will not form galvanic cells. The addition of antirust grease makes its antirust ability better than that of the copper-coated wire.


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