Expectations of welding on the future

Nov. 24, 2016

As a welding wire manufacturer, we always pay attention to the field of welding. Here I want to share you with 4 expectations of welding on the future.

1. Reducing dust, sewage, noise, reduce environmental pollution in the welding material production process.

2. Improving the process of welding consumables to reduce the smoke generated during welding, to reduce environmental pollution and the hazards of welders.

(3) Improving the welding material formula to improve the welding deposition efficiency, the production of highly efficient energy-saving welding materials.

(4) With the welding robots and welding plane in the field of steel bridge manufacturing applications, the gradual rise of the green welding shop, welding robots or welding plane with the amount of barrel gas protection welding consumables will continue to increase in the steel manufacturing industry.

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