5 advantages of non copper coated wire

Oct. 27, 2016

non copper coated wire

Compared with the copper wire, non copper coated wire has the following advantages:

1. Owing to eliminate copper plating process, non copper coated wire is less harm or no harm to the operator’s body.

2. Reliable arc stability. The average short-circuit transition time of the droplet is shorter than that of the copper wire, which can be adapted to the abrupt change of the wire extension length when welding.

3. Small amount of spatter and small particles. The size of the droplet at the front of the welding wire is small, and the amount of splash generated is small. Even when welding with large current, the amount of splashing can be effectively controlled, resulting in higher welding deposition efficiency.

4. The stability of the wire. Because there is no copper wire surface coating, which will not fall off the copper layer caused by the plug wire guide tube.

5. Excellent corrosion resistance and conductivity. One of the purposes of copper plating is rust.

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