6 precautions for Storage of Welding Wire

Oct. 20, 2016

Since welding wire can be used in our daily life, do you know the precautions for its storage. I will tell you as followings:

Stainless Steel Wire Manufacturer

1. You should keep the storage of welding wire dry, and away from water, acid, alkali or other corrosive.

2. You should place the welding wire on wooden pallets, and away from floor or wall.

3. You should be carefully that do not break the packaging of welding wire, when access and handling.

4. You should use welding wire as soon as possible (within a week), when open the wire packaging.

5. In accordance with the "first in first out" principle issued wire, to minimize product inventory time.

6. According to the type of wire, size classification storage, to prevent misuse.

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