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Shielding Gas:

80%Ar + 20%CO2

Product Description

Feature & Use:

( 1 ) For 900MPa high tensile steel,containing Ni,Cr,Mo etc elements,bearing excellent mechanical properties.

( 2 ) Mixed gas as shielding gas, adapt to low-alloyed steel structures according to 900MPa.


1. Please use specialized welding gas, eg: purity of CO2≥99.5%,H2O≤0.005%,Ar≥99.99%. Gas flow: 20~25L/min.

2. Wind affects arc and welding pool, please take steps to block the wind.

3. There is smoke when welding, pay attention to ventilation.

4. Distance between Tip and base steel is about 15mm when current is below 250A; and 20~25mm when current is above 250A.

5. Welding materials should be stored in dry places.

6. Please check the welder ,wire feeder, gas regulator and heater before operation.

7. Please keep the percentage of mixed gas stable and keep gas pressure stay the same.

8. As to thin steel plate, downward welding in the inclined position or forward welding is recommended,(pictures are followed below).

9. Please move plastic spool and basket spool in a correct way.

One chemical composition of deposited metal  (wt%):(CO2)

Tensile Strength


Yield Strength
Impact Value

One mechanical properties of deposited metal:(CO2)


Size & Current (DC+):

Diameter (mm)
PA / PB200 ~ 350250 ~ 450300 ~ 550
PC200 ~ 320250 ~ 400300 ~ 450